Seamless steel pipe corrosion due to corrosion was characteristic in the steel industry in recent years, there is a plastic composite pipe, plastic pipe, also known in some industry-specific work environment, it is seamless steel pipe substrate by spray, roller, dip, absorption process in steel pipe (lower pipe) welded inner surface layer of plastic or plastic composite pipe coating inside and outside surface welding plastic anti-corrosion layer.

Product Features

Plastic pipe is the use of PE (polyethylene modified) hot dip or EP (epoxy) coated inside and outside products, has excellent corrosion resistance. At the same time the coating itself also has good electrical insulation properties, will not produce galvanic corrosion. Low water absorption, high mechanical strength, low coefficient of friction, can achieve the purpose of long-term use. Can effectively prevent the damage plant roots and soil and other environmental stresses. Connect and easy maintenance.

product advantages

1, adaptation buried and humid environment, and can be high temperature and low temperature.

2, anti-interference ability, if the plastic pipe as the cable casing can effectively shield the signal from outside interference.

3, under pressure strength, maximum pressure up to 6Mpa.

4, good insulation properties, as a protective tube wire will never happen leakage phenomenon.

5, no glitches, smooth wall, suitable for construction when wearing a wire or cable.


  1. Various forms of circulating water system (civilian circulating water, industrial water recycling), excellent performance, anti-corrosion life of up to 50 years.
  2. A variety of chemical fluid transfer (acid, alkali, salt corrosion).
  3. Wire and cable buried pipe, tube crossing.
  4. Mine ventilation, mine pipe, supply, drain.
  5. The city’s sewage pipelines.

The main feature is the plastic pipe corrosion, if the customer requirements for high corrosion-resistant pipe, then the plastic pipe is undoubtedly an ideal alternative.