The welding process of high-frequency straight seam resistance ERW steel pipe is different from that of ordinary welded pipe. The weld is formed by melting the base material of the steel strip body, and its mechanical strength is better than that of ordinary welded pipe.

Products comply with GB9711, API 5L GB3091 standards.

Production specifications: Φ10-1860mm*0.5-40mm

Production process: The main line adopts EFD solid-state high-frequency welding machine, the online flaw detection adopts AS-200 type UT authoritative testing equipment produced in Tel Aviv, Israel, the transmission part adopts advanced German facilities, and the hydraulic equipment adopts foreign advanced automatic control system, maximum testing The pressure is 75Mpa. The ultra-long roll forming of the company’s production line and the five-frame sizing make the ovality and pipe diameter tolerance of the steel pipe reliable guarantee; the imported EFD solid-state high-frequency welder ensures no burns on both sides of the weld; 2000KW intermediate frequency heat treatment, hole type welding The seam polishing roller and long-distance air-cooling process make the quality of the steel pipe reach the leading level in the same industry, and also ensure the equal strength and toughness matching of the weld and heat-affected zone with the pipe body; the use of roller forming and weld polishing The pull-out roller avoids scratches on the outer surface of the steel pipe; the advanced outer inverted mold chamfering technology makes the pipe end bevel and blunt edges reliably guaranteed.

Inspection and inspection: During the process of products from raw materials to finished products, we strictly control, and each step is rigorously operated to ensure the quality of the products. Perform radiographic inspection, ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection and other inspections on finished products.