1.shoddy walled seamless steel pipe prone to folding.
2.Thick-walled seamless look shoddy often pitting phenomenon.
3.shoddy thick-walled seamless surface is easy to produce scarring.
4.The shoddy material surface is easy to produce cracks because its blank is adobe, adobe many pores, adobe in the cooling process due to thermal stress, cracks, after after rolling there crack.
5.shoddy walled seamless steel pipe easily scratched.













6.Shoddy walled seamless steel pipe without metallic luster, pale red or similar color of pig iron, for two reasons, one, it is blank adobe. 2, shoddy-rolling temperature is not standard, they are visually steel temperature, so can not be carried out according to the provisions of the austenitic region of rolling, thick-walled seamless performance naturally can not be reached.
7.Walled seamless steel fine shoddy cross low, often sufficient dissatisfaction phenomenon. The reason is that manufacturers to achieve large negative tolerance, finished the first few tracks reduction is too large, iron-type small, pass sufficient dissatisfaction.
8.Thick-walled seamless steel pipe shoddy oval cross section, because manufacturers in order to save material, before two of the reduction of finished roll is too large, the strength of this steel is greatly decreased, and does not comply with rebar Dimensions standards.
9.High-walled seamless steel pipe of uniform composition, high cold shear tonnage, smooth and neat end face of the cutting head, and shoddy materials due to the poor material, cut the first end surface there are often off the meat of the phenomenon that is uneven, and no metallic luster . And because of shoddy materials manufacturers cutting products less head, head and tail will be a big ears.
10.Thick-walled seamless steel pipe shoddy material containing impurities, the density of steel is small, and size tolerance serious.
11.Shoddy walled seamless steel pipe diameter size fluctuations.
12.High-quality materials and printing trademarks are fairly standard.
13.Three walled seamless steel pipe diameter of 16 or larger thread spacing between the two trademarks are over IM
14.Shoddy thick-walled seamless steel longitudinal reinforcement often wavy.
15.Shoddy walled seamless steel pipe manufacturers because there is no traffic, so the package is relatively loose. Side of the oval.