1. Single chain cooling bed
  2. Single chain cooling bed multi-use climbing structure. Cooling bed by the forward and fixed rail transport chain composed of a set of transmission. Pipe placed between two grasping dial the forward transport chain, fixed rail to bear the weight of steel body. Single chain cooling bed transport chain use the forward thrust finger friction of the steel pipe and fixed rail to produce rotary motion, while relying on steel weight and lift angle, always against the steel pipe in the forward transport chain finger, pipe achieve smooth rotation.
  3. The double-stranded cooling bed
  4. Duplexes cooling bed transport chain by the forward and reverse transport chains, positive and negative chain with a separate transmission. Pipe placed between two grasping dial the forward transport chain, and the reverse chain bear weight steel body. Duplexes cooling bed utilizing the forward transport chain pulling jaw thrust forward the steel pipe run, using reverse chain steel pipe friction generated continuous rotary motion. Reverse chain movement also makes steel always leaning forward transport chain finger, a smooth rotation and uniform cooling.
  5. The new chain cooling bed
  6. A combination of single-stranded and double-stranded cooling bed cooling bed features, cooling bed into the uphill sections and downhill sections. Uphill transport chain segment by the forward and reverse transport chain composed of double-stranded structure, positive and negative together to make steel continues to rotate forward, do climbing sports. Downhill section of the forward transport chains and single-stranded structure steel rails arranged in parallel, to achieve its own weight rotates, do landslide movement.
  7.  Stepping rack cooling bed
  8. Stepping rack cooling bed bed composed by two racks, assembled in a fixed beam, known as static rack, moving the beam in another assembly, called the move a rack. When the lifting mechanism is actuated, moving the pipe rack rise hold up, Because of the inclination angle, pipe when it is lifted along a toothed roll. Rose to the highest gear position, the stepping mechanism is operated so that the movable rack cooling bed output direction one pitch. Lifting mechanism continues to operate, drive and move the rack drop pipe into the gullet in a given rack, steel toothed rack along a fixed roll once again, after moving back to the initial position of the rack, complete a cycle.
  9. Screw the cooling bed

Screw cooling by the main drive, screw and fix the cooling of the gantry and other components, screw includes a screw rod and screw spirals. Face cooling fixed gantry above spiral rod above and below the spiral, the body weight is borne by the fixed pipe cooling stand. Main gear driven synchronous rotation of the screw, helix screw on pushing forward at a fixed cooling pipe rolling bench, cooled.