Seamless steel pipe needs to be done flaring, flattening purposes?

Many users in certain process applications need to end seamless pipe expansion port to a certain size, and then connect to other sites, such as men’s bicycle in front of the leading pattern of seamless steel pipe bracket, you can take a closer look. Generally the outer diameter of 57mm, 70mm at one end flared, fitted with rolling bearings, of course, this is an example, there are a lot of. In order to use the seamless steel pipe is crushed under collapsing Situation in subsequent processing, similar flaring, and here I will not say more. I believe we are understood.

Flaring, flattening experiments associated with the seamless steel pipe which factors?

Few factors, mainly seamless steel pipe extending higher the value, the lower the intensity value, flaring and flattening more intact. The lower the carbon content of steel, the lower the sulfur and phosphorus content, will be more perfect! In the case of using the state to ferrite-based steel pipe. Chromium content of 11% to 30%, with a body-centered cubic crystal structure. Such steel is generally not contain nickel, used to make more resistant to air, steam, water and oxidizing acid corrosion of parts. The existence of such steel pipe plastic poor ductility and corrosion resistance after welding and other shortcomings significantly reduced, thus limiting its application. Duplex steel pipe has excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, but also a section of nickel alloy steel pipe.