1. After welding, the weld should be hot hardness testing, qualification standards for the hardness of the weld heat does not exceed the hardness of the base material itself 100.

2, when the weld internal quality check, you can use ultrasound or irradiation, and the outer surface of the weld may be magnetic particle or penetrant and magnetic particle or penetrant inspection after welding, insulation need to be thoroughly cooled. Regardless of the method for testing must comply with the relevant requirements of the standard specification.

3, pipe weld appearance should be checked and make sure that it complies with the relevant requirements of the standard specification. At the same time, should be performed after every weld and heat treatment is completed, using a spectrum analyzer to weld check to see its chemical composition is consistent with the relevant requirements, if not met, they should promptly identify the cause and take measures to deal with.

4, when there is excessive defects of welded joints can be taken Wabu ways to rework, to note that the high number of times for the same position Wabu alloy steel is not greater than 2 times, and must be in accordance with the following provisions:

First, the defect must be completely removed;

Second, the need to develop appropriate measures when welding, and in strict accordance with the requirements of the job repairing process of ratification;

Third, after repair, repair of the need to re-appearance inspection, spectrum analysis; Fourth, and then respond to the joint re-heat treatment; Fifth, Rework Service should carry out the necessary hardness testing after heat treatment; Sixth, after the heat treatment, repair joints must again be consistent with the original process flaw detection.