Seamless pipe rolling process analytic technology since the late 1980s, is widely used finite element method (FEM), along with the recent development of computer output, 2D to 3D analysis technology has been advanced analytical deformation development. Thereby increasing the dimensional accuracy and quality of the product, the following describes the typical analytical techniques.

Analytical techniques extending rolling

Mandrel mill using the mandrel and the grooved rollers rolling, plate rolling and therefore different in the circumferential direction of the roll there is no contact with the roll and the mandrel free deformation zone.

Parsing techniques of sizing rolling

When using the sizing rolling since the inner surface of tools, so the inner surface shape when rolling thick-walled tube rolled scruffy. When using a three-roll mill, the inner surface of the hexagonal shape of rolled products. According to the present to predict when parsing with tension reducer rolling wall thickness changes, to ascertain the effect of roll pass characteristics and the tension between the inner surface of the six corners of the frame.