The market requirement of seamless steel pipes
Seamless pipe market in June affected by raw material market is not big, although the billet market rebound sharply at mid-month, the brief quotations only suppresses the ERW steel pipe market test speed, and did not affect much rebound reaction; However, relatively speaking, baotou steel, baosteel, anshan iron and steel, etc Steel mills all make cut policy made in July, so it is not hard to forecast the future market of seamless steel pipes may not recover. And steel pipe factory price cut and destocking slow progress, as well as downstream demand will get promoted in July, which could accelerate the steel pipe a drop in prices; Coupled with the frequent of European and American anti-dumping system, for the domestic seamless steel pipes again, still suffering increased export market of steel pipe in unquantifiable uncertainty.















Welded pipe is the ups and downs in June and overall rebound height of the smaller, less influence of market orientation is very narrow. Consider not fully recover, substantial steel downstream demand make welded pipe market continued weakness. Now, on to the tube factory next to the classics , all have different degree of loss, whether it is production capacity, production output effect geometry, or market consumption, inventory is difficult to get effective control, universal said inventory pressures will continue to exist; Environment at home and abroad is hard to find resources promote digestion My mouth. Anyhow, indication of 3LPE pipe will face high production pressure, low profits, the plight of weak demand for follow up.
Demand is slow, increased friction abroad: from 2010 to 2013, on behalf of the enterprise profit situation can see, tube factory is profitable, but it is traders, resulting in a decline in demand of more than three years the downturn in the market has more and more traders out of the steel Tube industry, and still adhere to the businessman in order to avoid risk, stocks have been low level. Among traders as “reservoir” effect has been largely lost, output pressure direct effect to the market, also makes some companies out of the market. Opened in 2010 , tangshan, tianjin, shandong, guangzhou and other part of the tube factory is already “closed” due to lack of market competitiveness, enterprises also exists generally existing in turn reduce production shift, line maintenance methods such as disguised forms.
At the same time, increasingly fierce competition in export market. Starting in 2010, there is an upward trend in China’s steel pipes manufacturer, but the 08 years before the financial crisis still has certain gap, and export profits dwindle for enterprises increasingly fierce competition between. At present, The eu launched in succession to China seamless steel pipe products of anti-dumping trade war, escalating, making exports hit frequency, more make exports to the region in our country face the greater pressure, and even influences the development of China’s domestic steel tube industry as a whole.