It’s a pleasure to share with you our cold drawn Seamless steel pipe, or simply called cold drawn Seamless steel pipes.

The cold drawn pipe can be divided into common seamless tube, medium and low pressure boiler Seamless steel pipe, high pressure boiler tube, alloy-steel tube, antirust pipe and petroleum cracking pipe. Another way to categorize it is to divide it into carbon thin wall steel tube, alloy thin walled pipe, stainless thin-wall thickness tube and heterotype steel tube.

Our cold drawn Seamless steel pipes have the following three models, SCH40, SCH80 and SCH160, the sizing of which is 6m. For the specifications of our cold drawn seamless tubes, please see the form attached.

Generally speaking, the outer diameter and wall thickness of the standard cold drawn Seamless steel pipe is 6mm and 0.25mm respectively. As for thin walled seamless tubes, the aforementioned dimension is 5mm and less than 0.25mm respectively. The dimensional accuracy of hot rolled steel tube is higher than that of cold drawn pipes.

Manufacturing process
We manufacture the cold drawn Seamless steel pipe by the following process.
Steel billet → heating → punching → head making → annealing → pickling → copper plating → cold drawing → semi-finished pipes → heat treatment → straightening → water pressure test → labeling → warehouse entry.