Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes
For seamless carbon steel boiler and superheater tubes for high-pressure settings.
Size (mm): O.D.: 28∼168; W.T.: 2∼30; L: max 12000

Grade and Chemical Composition (%)

Chemical Composition C Mn P≤ S≤ Si≤
0.06-0.18 0.27-0.63 0.035 0.035 0.25


OD In (mm) + WT In (mm) +
<1(25.4) 0.10 0.10 ≤1.1/2(38.1) 20% 0
1∼1.1/2(25.4∼38.1) 0.15 0.15 >1.1/2(38.1) 22% 0
>1.1/2∼<2(38.1∼50.8) 0.20 0.20      
2∼<2.1/2(50.8∼63.5) 0.25 0.25      
2.1/2∼<3(63.5∼76.2) 0.30 0.30      
3∼4(76.2∼101.6) 0.38 0.38      
>4∼7.1/2(101.6∼190.5) 0.38 0.64      
>7.1/2∼9(190.5∼228.6) 0.38 1.14      


Brinell Hardness Number (WT≥)0.200In(5.1mm) Rockwell Hardness Number (WT)0.200In(5.1mm)
137HRB 77HRB












We are Suppliers and Exporters of fantastic ASTM A192/ASME SA192 Carbon Steel Pipe in China. Our ASTM A192/ASME SA192 Carbon Steel Pipe are Tubes experiences hardness test, leveling test, flaring test, rib test, and hydrostatic test Before They Are Stocked and Supplied To Our Clients. A192 Boiler Tube Are Thermal Resistant and Corrosion Resistant In Nature Making Theme Resistant To Tough Weather Conditions. These ASTM A192 Carbon Steel Pipe are utilized in Reheaters, heat exchange gear, Superheater, condensers, Economizers, heat exchangers, comparable channels and for high-weight settings, Major Industries Like Marine Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Food Processing Industry, Oil and Gas Industry Etc. These are accessible in various size, determination and thickness according to the customers necessities. We Supply ASME SA192 Grade A, Grade C and Grade D Tubes