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Seamless steel tubes can be divided into large-diameter pipes and small-diameter tubes. The diameter of the steel tube decides the application of the tubes. For example, a small-diameter seamless steel pipe can be used for precision instrument manufacturing. Large-diameter steel seamless tubes can be used in the chemical industry.

Seamless steel pipe can sometimes be more expensive than other forms of steel pipe, but it’s also more reliable.

This is because it has greater strength under loading. Empty pipe must always support its own weight, but when a pipe is filled with material–or under load–it must also support that weight as well. Pipe failures and leaks in welded pipes usually occur at the welded seam. But because seamless pipe doesn’t have that seam, it isn’t subject to those failures.

These benefits make seamless steel pipes the preferred material in an array of commercial pipe applications, including ship building, pipelines, oil rigs, oil field equipment, pressure vessels, machinery parts and offshore rigs. An additional benefit of seamless pipes is that they perform well in harsh conditions, which means that they can be used in extremely cold or hot environments.

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