Sample Preparation: Sample processing tools to prevent pollution caused by the sample, the sample processing to avoid overheating so that the surface oxidation. Intact specimen surface finish should not have cracks, inclusions, blisters and other defects. Spectral line intensity and specimen geometry, size, active area and other light sources, although on the excitation current of the light source, the same power level, also because of the above reasons the current size of the different partial sample surface, resulting in the evaporation element, excitation caused by the different temperatures difference. Thus, the standard sample, sample preparation methods, shape, size should be the same. In other words, when the conditions to stimulate parts of the sample analysis as close as possible.


Auxiliary electrode selection: auxiliary electrode minimum requirement does not contain the element or material is measured spectroscopically pure.


Interstitial selection: the production process working curve and unknown sample analysis process should be consistent with the sample electrode gap analysis, especially in the clean and maintain, confirm prior to analysis.


Exposure time options: As for question of the duration of exposure time, it depends on how much spectrum analysis of elements in the nature of the sample, the excitation light source and other factors. This is done using a standard sample of known concentration measured blackness, find the corresponding amount, consistent with the standard content of the exposure time for the determination of an unknown sample exposure time. When this work is completed the production curve.